• Back to School Sale

    My 12-year old son went back to school Tuesday. I can hardly believe he's in 7th grade, when I still remember his first day of kindergarten!
  • Shop Updates - 8/13/19

    I've added a few great new items to the shop this week!
  • How to Clean and Take Care of Costume Jewelry

    It can be a little difficult to know how to properly take care of costume jewelry. Costume jewelry is a blanket term for jewelry using most kinds of beads (glass, acrylic, etc) and any jewelry with metals that are nickel-plated (i.e. "fake" silver and gold). Commercial jewelry cleaners that can be bought at department and jewelry stores are meant for real silver and gold jewelry, and can seriously damage costume jewelry if used to clean them.
  • Grand Opening!

    Welcome to Knits and Pearls new store! To celebrate, we're holding a spectacular Grand Opening sale! This is the largest discount you'll see unt...